Saturday, February 28, 2009

We left Kitale on Thursday the 26 and drove 7 hours to Narok where we did a clinic. We saw about 75 patients. We saw Ntayia, the  boy on crutches we had sent to an orthopedic hospital 2 years ago. He was excited to see us and we were happy to see he is doing well.

After a night at The Seasons hotel (definitely not the Four Seasons) we visited an orphanage and then stopped to help enroll a street girl selling bananas in school. This is the heart of Masai country and we drove 2 hours to a tent camp Loche Mara near a Masai village. That afternoon we saw patients for 5 hours - brucellosis, HIV, ear infections, skin boils, and malnutrition.

Today as our reward we took a game drive in Masai Mara Game Park.

Tomorrow we drive to Nairobi and say goodbye to the California team and then on Tuesday we head for Rwanda and Congo.


Toddler Mom said...

Very nice this is Becky, I read your blog daily!

Unknown said...

David & Cherry,

Real Barefoot Doctor job of work! God bless you. I know if you would have had the right gear nearby, you would have drained the arm and started the drugs immediately. A far cry from Medical City Dallas.....Love&Light from SurfaceCity. Val