Friday, February 20, 2009

We made it to Kitale yesterday evening hot and dirty but after a shower and good nights sleep we were off to West Pokot, an area of Northwest Kenya with over 300,000 residents and five doctors.


It was a hot dusty trip. Steve Rutenbar, our fearless leader came up to Cherry at one stop and said, "Elton John called
......He wants his glasses back!"

We didn't see all the residents of Pokot, just most of them (or so it felt). As you might imagine the need is great and our time was short. We had to turn many away. Most of what we saw were respiratory diseases, malnutrition, and probably malaria, brucellosis(an infection in cattle that humans get), and typhoid. I say probably because we have no lab facilities. Sister Freda and her staff are really patient and helpful. I am amazed that they do this day after day. We will go to her clinic tomorrow. We miss Terry our dentist!

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