Tuesday, February 24, 2009

David saved an eight year old boy's hand today. I wish I could put a picture on the blog for you but it won't take pictures from here. The small boy's hand was swollen, the medical term is cellulitis.  The hand was hot but the fingers were cold. They were getting no blood.  I was working in the makeshift pharmacy.  David came  to me and said, "Give me 500 shillings." I ask, "Why?" He said this little boy is going to lose his hand if we don't get him treatment today."  Then D. came and ask for 500 more shillings.  No questions ask, Kris who was pouring meds with me and I started pulling money out of our wallets. It turns out that 500 Kenya shilling would only get him seen, but another 500 would get him an x-ray and treatment. We gave his sister the money and they walked to the district hospital. After we finished the rest of the long line of people that had been waiting for hours for our primary care, we checked on him at the hospital. The flesh had been opened with a knife, allowing the pus to escape and he was started on antibiotics. The cost, it's 75 K shillings to a dollar. Go figure, for $13.33 an eight year old boy still has a hand.  

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Judy said...

It is wonderful to read about and see the pictures of your work in Kenya! You have been in my prayers daily and it is a blessing to know that through you, many of us have been able to reach so far to help people. Thankfully you were there to save the boy's hand. Please tell Sister Freda we all say Hi!. May the Lord continue to watch over and bless you in your journey.