Monday, February 23, 2009

We went to church at Birundi Church where we had worshipped in 2007. We saw old friends Pastor Joseph and Rachel Wyonyoni and Cherry’s friend Dorcas.

Monday we held a medical clinic in Sinoko, a village near Kitale, nicknamed Bosnia because it is composed of Bukusa refuges from Mt Elgon who were chased from their land by the Sobot tribe in the early nineties. A member of Parliament bought them this 5 acre plot but there are 100 families living on this small parcel of land, not enough land to   raise food to eat. We saw malnutrition, malaria, pneumonia, and other diseases of disadvantage. We took a walk through the village and David taught Noel how to dance. 

Tomorrow we go to Mt Elgon, where their is still periodic fighting over land, usually around election time.

Sorry no pictures. Internet too slow here

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