Monday, March 16, 2009

March 2, 2009

After stowing our luggage at ALARM our driver, Theo, took us to the Museum in Kigale.
ALARM is Africa Leadership and Reconciliation Ministry. It is largely a Baptist and Evangelical supported ministry and it is a congenial group. Their headquarters are in Dallas on Coit Road. They are working hard to heal Rwanda from the genocide of 1994.

The museum describes the state of Rwanda from 1895 to post genocide Rwanda. It was heartbreaking and we shed quite a few tears.

Steve and Andre at Museum

A large picture of David stares at the camera smiling.

Age: 8
Favorite sport: football
Best friend: my mother
Ambition: to be a doctor
Characteristic: likes to make people laugh

and then

Hacked to death by machete.

No pictures allowed inside. 800,000 people killed in an area smaller than Maryland.

Where was God during all this?

Mass grave on Museum site

Garden on Museum grounds

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