Monday, March 16, 2009

March 1, 2009

After our game drive we drove back through Narok and took pictures with Rachel, a young Masai girl who sold bananas at this service station. Steve asked her why she was not in school. She had to sell to support her family. On our way to the game drive Steve met the family and arranged for a uniform, books, and school fees for the girl and some money to help the family until the drought improves. Here she is in her uniform.

Then we took the four hour dusty ride into Nairobi to the Safari Park Hotel. We were greeted by Chrispinus and Christine. Chrispinus is taller than Steve and indebted to him because in the post election violence in 2008 his female cousin was murdered in brought daylight near the hotel. Because of the danger taking her body to be buried near Mt Kenya, as tradition required, was very dangerous. Steve provided money, a driver, and a safe route to accomplish this. Chrispinus still cried when he told us this.

We said goodbye to the Californians as they headed for the airport and repaired to the Hemingway bar for some antimalarial treatment, Bombay gin and Tonic.

March 2, 2009

After a day of rest at the Safari Park we headed to Jomo Kenyatta for the short but expensive flight to Kigale Rwanda..

The flight was pleasant and we were met at the Kigale Airport by the head of ALARM in Rwanda, Pastor Andre Mfitumukiza. We are staying at ALARM's conference center.

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